When making reservations, call TOLL FREE!
(800) 227-3849 and specifically request the
"Western Movie Star Party"

An evening with Herb Jeffries and his special guests...

Cal Bezemer, Mr Jeffries accompanist for 25 Years
"The Mills Brothers" - World famous Recording Hits
"Trini Lopez" - International Recording Artist
"Bill Marx" - Pianist, Conductor, Son Of " Harpo Marx"
"Max Geldray" - World Greatest Jazz Harmonica Player
"The Cunninghams" - Jazz Festival Headliners
"Ric Marlow" - Singer, Composer, "Taste of Honey"
"Helen Gee"
- Recording Artist-Toured with Herb's Show
Recording Artist "Mary Lu Shippen"
- "The Singing Cowgirl"
- and -
"Sean Gray"
- "Original Tribal Grass Dance & Song"
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