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Take a look at how Herb has been portrayed over the years and you can see that the music of Herb Jeffries has not only been revolutionary, but has moved many a heart and soul.

"Frank Sinatra should be so lucky as to sound like Jeffries at 84. 
-Los Angeles Times, LA, CA 
"When you are dealing with a performer in his eighth decade, you are of course dealing with someone whose best work came long ago and who is now to a lesser degree, resting on his laurels. Unless, that is, you are dealing with Herb Jeffries." 
-Tulsa World, Tulsa, OK 
"Jeffries, who wrote four of the songs on "The Bronze Buckaroo (Rides Again)", calls it Western music, which in this case is a stew of cowboy songs, Swing, Blues, and Jazz. The album serves as a testament to the fusion of Blues and Western music contributed by the many black cowboys who helped tame the West." 
-USA Today 
"Picture a guy who is as at home in a Stetson as he is in a Tux, and you get an idea of the jazz-and-western hybrid featured in "The Bronze Buckaroo (Rides Again)", Jeffries first album of cowboy songs and one of the year's most distinctive and delightful country records. Breaking genre boundaries rather than broncos, Jeffries brings an "Ellingtonian" elegance to his songs on the range." 
-The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA


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