- Herb Jeffries -

"The Bronze Buckaroo"

(Rides Again)

"The cowboy never discriminated. He just wanted to know if you could ride and do the work. He didn't give a damn what color you were. We could use more of that cowboy code today. This album, The Bronze Buckaroo Rides Again, is a lot more than nostalgia. There's a message too: There's only one race, the human race."

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I'm A Happy Cowboy  I'm A Happy Cowboy  "I'm A Happy Cowboy" (Herb Jeffries)

Texas To A 'T'  Texas To A 'T'   "Texas To A 'T'" (Pistilli/Foster)

Pay Day Blues  Pay Day Blues   "Pay Day Blues" (Herb Jeffries)

Tumbling Tumbleweeds  Tumbling Tumbleweeds   "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" (Nolan)

Nine Hundred Miles  Nine Hundred Miles   "Nine Hundred Miles" (Lomax/Lomax)

Cow Cow Boogie  Cow Cow Boogie   "Cow Cow Boogie" (Carter/DePaul/Raye)

Lonesome Rider Blues  Lonesome Rider Blues   "Lonesome Rider Blues" (Herb Jeffries)

You, You Darlin'  You, You Darlin'   "You, You Darlin'" (Jerome/Scholl)

Down Home Cowboy  Down Home Cowboy  "Down Home Cowboy" (Herb Jeffries)

Back In The Saddle Again  Back In The Saddle Again   "Back In The Saddle Again" (Autry/Whitley)